A proven & effective anti-counterfeit solution.

How It Works

scanacart projects and validates quality & certified products while the ability to connect with your customer in a whole new way. Full bulb sticker.

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Enter your Serial number from the hologram tamper proof security seal and press verify.


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scanacart will verify your products authenticity while providing you with detailed lab test results.

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Product Code

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Everything you need to protect your product

Counterfeit products not only damage your reputation, but also bring health risks to your clients.

We can design a custom tamper proof security seal of any shape and size to fit your packaging needs. Each one of our security seals is connected to our online platform, creating a complete, closed loop eco-system.

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We offer customized anti-theft solutions to fit your packaging needs. If you care enough about your product, make the investment. We will custom design a scanacart sticker to fit any shape or size that will fit your product or packaging.